Thursday, September 9, 2010

North Carolina! (9/9/10)

Despite being a little distracted by the raging forest fire close to my house, here is the third installment of Beat Seeker. Also, check out Radio 1190 for awesome independent music!

(I realize that I neglected to play some Justus League, being one of the biggest collaborative groups in North Carolina, but I don't have any edited stuff. I'm planning on getting some for a future show. Stay tuned.)



Nicolay & Kay - Blizzard ft. Toby Hill
Little Brother - Good Clothes
Median - How Big Is Your World
Common Market - Trouble Is
The Foreign Exchange - Hustle Hustle
Pete Rock - Best Kept Secret ft. Lords of the Underground
Edgar Allen Floe - Nametag Streetwise
John Robinson - I Am Not For Sale
Supastition - Soul Control ft. Little Brother
Mike Bigga a.k.a. Killer Mike - Guru Salute
Kooley High - Eastern Standard Time
Little Brother - Do It To Death ft. Supastition & Rhymefest
Nicolay - I Am The Man
Pete Rock - Da Villa ft. Slum Village
Strong Arm Steady - One Step ft. Talib Kweli

* The bold songs/artists will always be from the weekly region/city/state that we're checkin out.

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